Monday, July 26, 2010

Personal Blogs

It seems that, despite criticism, personal blogs are the ones that do the best. They have the most subscribers, they are most likely to be on the Blogs of Note if they are a Blogger blog, and they get the most coverage. Why is that? Afterall, we're constantly told that no one wants to know what our day is like, we're not important enough. But I'm thinking, yes, we are important enough. And that's not being arrogant.

Look at it this way: as bloggers we are often told that the key to getting more readers and comments is to be personal. We should write our posts in first person and include an about me page saying who we  are, not just what the blog is about. I think this has to do with how blogs are seen. They have become a way for the average person to share his or her opinions. Readers also expect to be able to ask questions and have discussions with the author and get their questions answered. They have an easier time doing this if they can relate to the author and the author is seen as an actual person, not just a screenname.

So the moral of this story is, even if your blog is not a personal blog, find a way to connect with the readers. Offer assistance, come through with your promises, and share information about yourself while still keeping safety in mind.

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  1. that was brilliant! And I do agree, we are important. Each story is worth being told, because you never know who out there will be able to relate to it or be inspired by it, or simply have a laugh about it...