Friday, August 6, 2010


Today's post is just a simple question. What do you find is the most effective way to make your blog known? Blog directories, forums, commenting on other blogs, or something else? Please share your answer in the comment section. Feel free to elaborate on your answer.


  1. I experimented with a few ways to let my blog be known. But the fastest way I got readers was to simply follow other blogs (that are similar to mine), and then email or comment to let them know that I'm following their blog.

    I judge the # of readers of a blog by the # of followers they have. My blog went from 8 followers to 58 followers in 3 days simply by following other blogs.

  2. When I started blogging, I had no idea of what a huge phenomenon it actually was. In just one day I discovered blogging communities, linkys, etc. That made me realize there ARE people interested in reading whatever you write out there.
    But the most effective way for me to gain readers has been joining other blogs that I liked, and actively take part in them with comments, emails, etc. If you share your stories and give pertinent opinions, people will be interested in finding out more about you..and will go on to check out your blog as well.

  3. well, aside from the usual link building, nothing beats quality posts. :) Have fun blogging! followed you..

  4. i think everything you just suggested is the trick :)

    and yeah making substantial and useful comments tho..

    its just like making friends. first you socialize and eventually a few remain because both of you have something in common. thus your regular readers :)

  5. Yes, commenting on other people's blogs or pages from 20sb. 20sb has been a great tool for me to get to talk to people quickly and I found many of my new favorite blogs there!

  6. Jamie, I agree about 20sb. Not only has it gotten me a lot of readers, but those are the readers that are more likely to comment and follow.