Monday, August 16, 2010

How I got started in blogging

While looking for scholarship opportunities on the site, I came across a blogging scholarship. This would have been around 2006. I didn't get into blogging on the website,, until my freshman year of college in 2007. The goal of the site was to encourage people, especially young people and college students to blog about topics that were important to them. Blogging frequently enough could earn you a scholarship. I continued to blog on this site until a few months ago when I got out of the habit because of problems that the site had.

The site is up and running again, but the layout is different and many of my favorite bloggers appear to be gone so I haven't felt like getting back into it. I still missed sharing my opinions and I felt I had enough knowledge to begin blogging about college. That blog was started in June. After a few months I realized that I needed advice as well as people to vent to about my blog which is how this blog started.

How did everyone here first start blogging?

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  1. I used to write facebook notes. I made a blog so I could write there instead. I like blogging way more. :)