Monday, August 30, 2010

Attracting Viewers

As blog writers, I assume many of us are also active blog readers. This is very beneficial as we can look at our blog posts from two perspectives, one of which is more objective than the other. If you are not following a considerable number of blogs right now, go do it! Starting with this one!

While getting your name out there is relatively easy (see my post on advertising for some ideas) getting people to read, and continue to read is different. I do not read every blog that show up in my news feed. Some just don't appeal to me.

The best way to get regular readers in my opinion is to first have a way for your readers to get to your blog, or even better, for them to see when it has been updated without going to your blog first. Since only the title and the first few sentences will probably be shown, it needs to be eye-catching. Include a photo as well. Finally, update regularlarly so that your readers will not forget you, reply to comments, and make sure your writing is worth reading. Also, consider a statistics meter. I recomend Google Analytics. This gives you a count of who is coming to your site, how they are getting there, even how much time they spend there and how many pages they view.

What makes you want to keep reading a blog?
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  1. Hello again. This is a good post! The advice you offer is solid. What makes me want to read a blog is the content first and foremost. If the first few lines or the paragraph are interesting. Another thing that keeps me reading in 'scannable'text. Text should use highlighted words usually keywords, use italics, bullet points and headers. I can scan ahead down the text and get the points being made. Readers of the web these days don't do as much reading as they do scanning and skimming the text. So highlighting key text can help in getting content read. Another thing that makes me want to read a blog is determined by how easy the content is to get to, and blog design or theme that is not distracting pulling my attention away from the content. Thanks for the great post!
    Wishing you success and lot's of comments :)