Wednesday, August 11, 2010


On almost every blogging site I look at, they all tell me that pictures are the best way to attract people to your blog. Most of my blogs do not have pictures, just because they are hard to find and I've been having trouble with my camera. If I do have pictures they all come from Zemanta. Soon though I am going to test this theory and share with you my results.

Do some pictures work better than others? Are some posts better off without a picture? What are your favorite sources to find pictures?

1 comment:

  1. i use, yahoo images. lol

    i guess it really depends on the post.

    and the person, some people are visual, thus they prefer less words more pictures. some people are vice versa. But what my advice to you is just write and post what you like, then the readers will find you ... :) you dont have to please everyone because we all know we cant.

    it's your blog. write what you want to write.

    though for me, i like to put cartoon clips that matches my post :) but some posts are just words.

    the main reason i do put pictures is that for my post to have a "thumbnail" :)