Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Market Analysis

I've decided to try doing a market and competitiveness analysis of my blogging niche and my other blog, Don't Let Higher Ed Eat Your Soul. Soon I will do another one for this blog. The idea is that I will analyze my own blog, as well as three others that are in a similar market to mine:

College Lifestyles: This blog advertises itself as a guide for "Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Ettiquette for Savy Coeds." Not only is it focused on female college students, it is particularly focused on Sorority girls. The average reader probably is not overly concerned with money (either her parents help her, or she gets enough scholarships) because many of the ideas involve shopping. A college lifestyle reader is likely concerned with her future career.

College Candy: Most the readers of this blog are also female. These readers are closer to what the average college student its: Don't have a lot of money and like to party. Sex is a major topic on this blog. Of course, these readers are also savy and concerned about their future as internships are also a big topic and there are several city guides.

Lovely Undergrad: Again, this blog is aimed at female college students. The main topic, however, seems to be decorating. There are frequently pictures of apartments and suggestions for decorations. Most readers probalbly live in an apartment  off campus rather than in a dorm. Books are also a big topic on this blog because the aothor frequently discusses the Kindle.

Finally, My Blog: My ideal audience is male and female college students, as well as high school seniors who are planning to go to college. While I like to include advice, I'm also trying to discuss current events that affect students so my readers can debate them. So my ideal college student reader is living in a dorm, on a four year track at a school, probably, but not necesarily, public or state school.

So, after reading my blog and the other ones I've analyzed, do you think I've done a good job? Do you think I cater to the audience I want?

Also, I'd like to invite my three readers to do something similar to what I just did and post it in the comments section if you are so inclined.
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